Kick-off + Concept

We begin our process with a collaborative meeting. Over coffee, in your office, whatever is the most comfortable and relaxed. Our clients bring any ideas and inspiration the meeting. In the creative world, there is an overwhelming amount of images and visual inventory, so coming with nothing is sometimes better! We will talk about your needs, budget and timeline.

Design Development

Our team will present a concept to you once we have agreed on a plan. The concept can be as direct as an e-design that is ready for you to take the reigns with, or a series of visual presentations with drawings, imagery and renderings. With most event design, we will prepare a visual and tactile presentation for our clients to see the floral design, tabletop concepts and anything physical we can use to describe the vision.

Production + Execution

We will work together on the best plan for installation, launch or whatever timing is needed for your company, client or event. Whether an onsite installation or a weekend of travel is required, we will include those specific needs in our proposal and outline any additional access or specially hired partners. We will either be the team or work with your team to ensure no detail is left untouched.